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Shopping Cart Covers / High Chair Covers

Get a shopping cart cover for your baby today! Baby shopping cart covers are highly recommended to protect your baby from extreme bacterias on the shopping carts. Cover the shopping cart with Kozy Coach's adorable collection of baby shopping cart covers and shop with ease.
Shopping Cart Covers Oahu Blue
shopping cart cover oahu blue
Shopping Cart Covers Poipu Pink
shopping cart cover poipu pink

These very cute baby shopping cart covers features:
  • Child safety belt
  • Sippy cup pouch
  • Convenient diaper pouch
  • Toy - loop attachments
  • Extra soft cushion
  • Fits all shopping carts including Costco's and Sam's Club
  • Exclusive Hawaiian design only from Kozy Coach
These shopping cart covers also fit on high chairs at restaurants! Germs is one thing, we cannot protect our children from germs through life, it is actually needed to some level to build immunity. However, bacteria from food, such as blood leaks from the meat department, or decaying food spilled on high chairs is a different story. Protect your baby with our top choice of shopping cart covers - Kozy Coach's Baby shopping cart cover / high chair covers.

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