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Self Esteem Building T-Shirts

~ Build your child's self esteem with our "I Can! Collection" of self esteem building shirts. ~
Has your child just learned something new? Recognize their achievement and boost their self esteem with these unique, hand painted T-shirts! We all know that a little positive reinforcement goes a long way for us as adults, but it is even more important for young children establishing their self esteem to hear positive reinforcement from the people they love. It is comforting for young children to be praised on in reaching new developmental skills. It builds their self confidence, and will help them strive for their next goal in life. Below are samples of some achievements I have experienced with my children. Since each shirt is hand painted, feel free to make your own special self esteem building tee shirt for your child. We can customize to every child's achievement!

*Add on your child's first name along with month & year to remember the accomplishment!*
I can ADD!
I can add (girl)

I can ride a BIKE!
I can ride a bike (girl)

I can READ!
I can read

Design Your Own!
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I can ADD!
I can add (boy)


I can ride a BIKE!
I can ride a bike (boy)


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